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Climate Cafe Meeting Information

The Climate Café meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month

Next Meeting: Wednesday 17 July at 7:00pm

Items for Discussion:

Our next meet up is Wednesday 17th at 7pm in our normal Nest location at the Wellmeadow. No particular agenda but can share some updates on the various funds and ideas going on; regional Climate Action Hub, Innovate UK project, SSE Sustainable Development Fund. Feel free to bring any updates of your own, ideas, or anything else you would like to talk about.

Following on from the Oil Machine screening in April, the next Climate Conversation is this following Monday 22nd May in St Catharine’s Community Hall, George Street, Blairgowrie! Plastic – Whose problem is it?

Our guest speaker is John Ferguson, creator of Project Beacon at Glenfarg, Perthshire will guide us through the history of plastic, a valuable, versatile, yet indestructible product. It is everywhere, unavoidable, polluting, toxic. John’s plastics recycling project is a first of its kind, with huge potential to deal with the problem of the plastics in our environment and lives.

“One of the big barriers to recycling progress is that people are confused about what they can recycle or not. Project Beacon will demonstrate a system that enables householders to recycle all household plastics at the kerbside.” “We’re on a mission to have no plastics left behind,” says Ferguson. “In the first phase, we’ll be able to take any large rigid plastics including broken toys, crates, plastic pipe, garden furniture, drums and so on. In the second phase, we’ll be accepting all types of plastics collected at the kerbside. Any that can't be sorted will become chemical feedstock for new products. No one is doing this at the moment unless they’re incinerating or landfilling plastics. It could be a globally disruptive model.”

Please join us for a very interesting presentation.

Best wishes, Jamie and Nathan, Kay and Len

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We are an informal association of like minded individuals - our meetings are led by Kay and Len Seal.